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Development at Adcloud

Thanks for stopping by. We made this page to tell you about what work is like at Adcloud. Here are a few attributes to start with. Please stop by our office if you want to learn more or if you disagree with us. We love a hearty discussion.

Being agile

True agile development with two-week iterations, retrospectives and a self-organized team. But not for the sake of being agile but because we believe it’s the best way to work.

Diversity, self-organizing and self-fulfillment

Everybody has their own interest. Some like making the best UX in the world, others are happy getting the last performance bit out of a calculation and someone else loves seeing EC2 machines running smoothly. We work with the genius of the and, working as a team while encouraging diversity and allowing the interest of each individual to flourish.

The right tools for the right job

Node, CouchDB, Redis, PHP, MySQL, Memcache, MongoDB. The list might seem weird, the list will likely grow and adapt. At each fork in the road, we try to reevaluate our options in light of information and knowledge at our disposal. Software is always refactored and is always changing. And we are looking for your input.

Big Data

Performance advertising is all about data. Lots of it. So if you think in caches, replications, 100% uptime and thousands of requests per second fascinate you, feel at home.

Fun at work

Last but not least we just spend a lot of time working. So we try to make it as pleasant as possible: This includes free drinks, and office in the center of Cologne with our own BBQ on the roof deck and of course a Kicker.

If this sounds interesting to you, please stop by our , drop us an Email or even fork one of our projects. We would love to continue the discussion with another coffee.